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Westminster Hall debate on the future of the Palace of Westminster

25th January 2017

A Westminster Hall debate on the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster took place on Wednesday 25 January.

The debate was initiated by Chris Bryant, MP for Rhondda and joint spokesman for the Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster, which made recommendations in September 2016 on a preferred way forward for the works.

The debate can be watched on Parliament Live TV.

Further reading

A debate pack prepared by the House of Commons Library with background information, details of the Joint Committee report and what options are available, amongst other information, is available to download on the UK Parliament website.

  • House of Commons Library: Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster Debate Pack

Also recently published is a report which examined the proposal to use the Royal Gallery as a temporary chamber while works are ongoing. This report can be read below:

  • High level review: Royal Gallery temporary chamber impact study, Jan 2017


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