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The Programme


The Programme's main contractors are Jacobs, which is providing programme, project and costs management services, and BDP, which is providing architectural and engineering services.

Information about any Programme contracts and tenders worth over £10,000, as well as contracts that have been awarded by the Programme and their value, can be accessed through Contracts Finder.

Click here to be taken to the Contracts Finder on the website.


The Programme has agreed the following joint policies:

Gifts & hospitality

The Programme has undertaken to publish a register of gifts and hospitality provided to Sponsor Body and Delivery Authority Board members, staff and contractors on a quarterly basis.

Q1 2020-21: nil returns

Q2 2020-21: nil returns

Annual reports and accounts

Quarterly Reports

The Programme issues quarterly reports to both Houses.

Details of spending over £25,000

Apart from the financial information provided in the quarterly reports, the Programme has also undertaken to publish details of expenditure over £25,000 on a quarterly basis.