Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Executive Sponsors for EDI

We are always striving to make the Restoration and Renewal Programme the most inclusive, most empowering place it can be to work in for people from all backgrounds.

As part of our commitment to inclusion, we have appointed executive sponsors for each of the seven protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act (2010).

Each of the sponsors will serve as trusted advisors, and are role models for inclusive behaviour. They lend credibility to the importance of EDI through their influence and support.

Our executive sponsors 

Age, Religion, and Belief: Jane Mee 

As an organisation it's in our interest to harness the skills and experiences of all ages - Baby Boomers, Millenials, and Zoomers. I've benefitted hugely from working in teams with a broad age range and I feel that this aspect of diversity has a special resonance with the project we are all here to deliver. 

Disability: Mike Brough 

I am passionate about everyone having the opportunity to participate equally. I'd like the R&R Programme to be at the forefront of best practice, whilst recognising that sometimes small things can make a big difference. 

Gender: Matt White 

Whilst our Programme will cover many aspects of corporate management, project management, and design and engineering, clearly the bulk of our activity will centre around design, engineering and proejct management. These are areas in which women remain severely underrepresented despite concerted efforts over many years to address the imbalance. Our programme is possibly unique in providing an ultra-high-profile opportunity to showcase the benefits of seeking to achieve a truly gender diverse team. This could be a great legacy for our industry. 

LGBT+: Claire Maugham 

I know that people can only do their very best at work if they are able to be fully themselves, and I would like to be part of making the R&R Programme a place where everyone is welcome and valued. My children and their generation are more aware and empowered when it comes to LGBT+ equality, but through them I have learned about the challenges which still face LGBT+ teenagers, and this has inspired me to become an active ally. 

Race: Janet Campbell 

I want to lead, and encourage, courageous conversations about race in the workplace. One size does not fit all and the term BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) can, on its own, be the very antithesis of inclusion - I don't want us to tick boxes because they are there to be ticked. I want us to be proactive about race and to work towards developing an organisational culture that is genuinely free from sytemic bias and barriers. 

Social Mobility: Andy Haynes 

I believe that social mobility is key to a prosperous and cohesive society and we are wonderfully placed to support a wider range of people benefitting from the investment Parliament is making in its Restoration and Renewal. My parents left school in Birmingham at 15 and eventually ran their own business in industrial heating and pipework for twenty years. I've seen how getting the right skills and opportunities can benefit people and I am keen to make sure others can benefit in this way Follow us