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The Commissions of both Houses of Parliament have made a united commitment to preserve the Palace of Westminster for future generations. In July 2022 Members of both Houses agreed that there needs to be a more aligned and integrated approach to future restoration, prioritising safety critical work.

The Commissions agreed that the programme of works should initially focus on the following priority areas:

  • Fire safety and protection  
  • Replacement of mechanical, electrical, drainage and plumbing, and data and communications systems
  • Asbestos management and wider health and safety issues
  • Conservation of the building fabric including stonework.

Both Comissions have joint oversight of the Programme. The Client Team, a joint department of both Houses Changes to the governance has seen the establishment of the Client Team, a joint department of the two Houses to replace the sponsorship function. Both Commissions jointly have oversight of the programme.  A new R&R Programme Board will be set up with membership combining parliamentary representation with independent major project and heritage conservation expertise.

In collaboration with Parliamentary colleagues, the Delivery Authority is developing a broad range of options for the scale, scope and delivery of restoration and renewal work. Once the scope has been determined, and the complex investigations on this huge project are complete and designs agreed, the proposed approach to the works and costs will be put to Members of both Houses for a decision to be made.